Photo of a Dogman/Werewolf. Known as the Beast of Seven Chutes

The Beast of Seven Chutes, Dogman? Werewolf? Bigfoot?
Dogmen - It sounds absurd, but could it be true that bipedal dog like creatures are roaming around the northeast portion of our continent? This website presents a photo and eye-witness descriptions to support the idea of an upright bipedal dog like creature.

Beast of Seven Chutes Photo - The photo is of an unidentified species. It is standing beside a waterfall near Quebec Canada. The park is named 'Parc des Sept Chutes'. Amazingly, the creature appears to be holding something and is staring at the photographer, who doesn't notice it. This creature does not match the descriptions of the legendary Bigfoot. Bigfoot is usually described a being a massive creature that resembles a human. Bigfoot is also usually described as having a conical head and a human looking flat face. And bigfoot is not usually described as being aggressive.

As described in the bullet points above the creature in the photo has the several unique physical attributes that differenciate it from typical bigfoot sightings. The creature is erect, standing on two legs and appears to be between 5-6 feet tall. It has an elongated snout that appears doglike as well as silver hair on its head reaching to it's shoulders. The creatures body is black and it's left arm is visible, bent at the elbow and, quite remarkably, the creature is holding a white dog.

Based on the red area that looks like blood on the creatures head, it may have been eating the dog. The creature has a triangular shaped head and unlike bigfoot creatures who retreat when seen, this creature is holding his ground and staring aggressivley directly at the photographer.

Over the last 10 years we've collected some great witness reports.
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Beast of Seven Chutes Images

A single photo exists of the beast. The photos below are various enhancements to the photo.

  • Original Photo - This is the full sized original photo taken that day, look for the creature in the bottom right corner of the photo. The photographer did not notice the creature when the photo was taken.
  • Blowup Of Original Photo - This is a blowup of the photo taken that day.
  • Extreme Facial Blowup
  • Link to enhancment showing the dog it is holding.

    The name Beast of Seven Chutes is based on the park where it was taken. *Parc des Sept Chutes (see below for Lat/Lon), which is a regional park about 30 miles north east of the city of Quebec.

  • This is where it was seen.

    View Map of Sighting Location, Parc Des Sept Chutes
    View Larger Map

    Beast of 7 Chutes

    Circumstances surrounding the photograph of The Beast of 7 Chutes.

    The person who took the photo lives in Quebec, about 15 minutes from where the photo was taken. He speaks French and works as a driver for a construction company and wishes to remain anonymous.

    He was sightseeing alone at a place called Parc des 7 Chutes which is near Saint-Georges de Beauce, Quebec, it was about 90 degrees that day. He did not notice the subject or anything out of the ordinary while he was walking around the park taking pictures. The date was Wed June 1st 2005 there were no other park visitors around. He took 76 photos (all at medium resolution) of various park features, he also recorded 4 videos. (The videos are available for anyone who wants to view them.) The camera was a Canon A70. He was looking through the photos at home that same day and was surprised to see the subject/creature standing in the woods looking up at him. The photo was number 32 in the set. He has since been back to this area 3 times and taken photos and videos on each occasion. He was back on Monday July 4th and was spooked when he heard something walking in the woods 20-30 feet away from him. He stated that he probably will not be going back there alone. In some of the later photos he took he had his girlfriend stand where the subject was and he stood where he initially was and took photos to get a sense of size and scale. All photos and videos are available for review.

    The following enhancements were done by using the Unsharp Mask tool in Photoshop.
  • Eye Socket Blowup Enhancement - When you look at this one remember this.. Several eye-witness describe that there was no white in the eyes. They also described the eyes as 'Slanted'.
  • Teeth Blowup Enhancement
  • Holding Dog Enhancement

    There are over 100 more photos and a few videos linked below. They were taken on two separate return trips to the location where the original was taken. Please review all material on this site before forming your opinion.

    Various drawings as described by eye witnesses

    Just like the verbal descriptions, these drawings have an errie similarity to the creature in the photo!

    Drawings on Kentucky Bigfoot Site
    Drawing on Cryptomundo Site
    Drawing on Beast of Bray Road Site
    Drawing of Bray Road Beast

    What is he holding? I think it is a dog!

    Holding Dog
    Dog Face - The creature is holding something, much debate continues about exactly what it is. I think it is a dog. Some say it is the back end of a deer, a rabbit or a pig... Have a different idea? Email me and let me know what you think.

    Later Photos/Videos of Area (For Analysis)

    Download a video of the EXACT place the creature was standing. (Taken one month later.)
    (To download right click on link and select 'Save target as'...)

    Exact Area Photos - Here are all photos/videos taken a few weeks later of the EXACT area.
    Surrounding Area Photos - Here are all photos/videos taken a few weeks later of the SURROUNDING area.

    Side note on later photos
    Some have said that the later photos are not of the same location. When the photographer went back at my request I told him to use the knots on the birch tree as markers for where he was standing when the original was taken. To do your own comparison, line up the closeup of the birch tree in the left of the later photos to the original image. By doing this the exact place he was standing was easily recreated. The later photos were taken when he went back to the location a month later, on July 1st. Some summer growth occured over that month so as you would expect there is more vegetation in the later photos. Of course it would be easy to confirm for yourself that this is the same location. Just go there! See map to the left.

    Some Analysis Done on The Photos

    Animated Comparison Photo - This is an animated comparison to a person standing near the spot where the subject was standing.
    Other Analysis That Has Been Done
    Email Address Updated June 28, 2006 - All images are protected by United States Copyright Laws.
    Each of these photos are the property of owner and may not be used without permission.

    This photo presents some of the best evidence of a rarely known cryptozoology creature that has been reported in certain regions of the northern United States. It is ironic that such a photo could exist and that it is not of a bigfoot creature. One reason for this is likely the reported shy nature of bigfoot type creatures and the agressive nature of this creature. Many reports describe this upright snouted creature as staring them down, or staring through them for minutes at a time. In contrast to bigfoot sightings where the creatures shy away and try to remain hidden.

    *For anyone interested The lat and long for the location where the photo was taken... Latitude: 47° 7'17.46"N Longitude: 70°49'47.28"W. This is an animated comparison photo of a person standing just about where the form in the original is located, of course vegetation has grown out. Animated Comparison Photo

    Not long after the original was taken, the photographer returned on two separate occasions (at my request) to take photos of the area, and as you can see he and his girlfriend went down to the location where the form was seen.
    This link has over 80 photos and videos of the surrounding area where the form first seen. These are from the first return visit.
    Surrounding Area (First Return Trip)

    Also this link (below) has 23 photos of the exact area and 2 videos of the exact area from the EXACT PLACE where the photograher was standing. These were taken a few weeks after the original photo was taken. Summer was just getting going and the vegetation has grown a bit. I asked him to return and take these because I wanted to get an idea of the size of the creature.

    So these are second return trip photos, at my request, of the same angle as the original. I had him line up the photographs based on the knotty tree to the left of the original. Using the bark and knots on the tree it was easy to do take an almost exact match to the original.

    Exact Area (Second Return Trip)

    Other sightings of upright dog like creatures.

    1) Read the descriptions others have made of very similar creatures here.
    2) Then compare to the figure in the photo taken in Summer 2005. (Click image for a larger version.)

    Witness Description: It was dark in color but tipped silvery gray...its eyes were glittery and dark, they had no sclera or whites like a human eye in a mask would have. It's head was big, almost too big for its body. It had an elongated snout, but pointy, not rounded like a Lab's. "It stood there, and then it hunched over into an aggressive stance. It's arms were bent at the elbow and forward. I couldn't see the hands. Its ears were pointed, shaped like a German shepherd's, but laid back. It was looking right at me. I felt it was aggressive and would defend itself viciously.

    Witness Description: Yellow eyes, kind of slanted in a way. It didnąt have a long snout like a dog, but the snout was narrow. It wasnąt human and wasnąt dog. It wasnąt flatfaced like human, all I saw was hair underneath what I presumed to be a jaw. Like a cape or mane. From what I saw, it was kind of slender in stature, not beefy, I would guess 210-220 pounds. The head reminded me of a canine shape, the kind of triangle-looking head. It was looking completely straight on at us. It could have had ears but was too dark to see them.

    Remember the Wisconsin "bigfoot" that pulled the deer from the back of a pickup? Well Steve Krueger, the guy who reported it says "It wasn't a bigfoot. it's head was more like a wolf!"... read what he says it was below! Witness Description: Steven Krueger the contractor who says a creature pulled a deer out of his pickup describes the creature like this, "It had pointy ears, triangular shaped," he said, "and they looked like big wolf ears standing up on end. That was the main feature that made me realize it was not a bear. It had a longer muzzle than a black bear, and its head was more like a wolf than a bear. It almost looked like a very large black bear standing on its feet, if you took a wolf's head and enlarged it and set it on the bear's body." "I know it wasn't Bigfoot."

    Witness Description: "It was the size of a large deer but with a large back and shoulders, thick fur, a massive wolf-like head, pointy ears and no tail."

    Witness Description: The coloring was more black/grey blotches. It seemed to be somewhat shaggy and "unkept" (the only word I can think of that comes close to describing it). When it turned to look at me it had the most hideous and evil-looking (triangular?) face I have ever seen." Schmenk estimated it was longer than a German shepherd but with a lower center of gravity. He saw it in broad daylight, about 2:30 pm from about 30 feet away. "The tail was quite long and "bushy." As I recall, the ears were rather small and triangular. The eyes looked right through me. As it loped across the highway in front of me, it was an interesting curiosity; when it turned it's head and looked at me a chill went through me that I felt to my spine. I had never seen such an evil looking stare. I would have to say that the muzzle was quite short. Although I cannot say that it was snarling, the teeth were very, very plentiful and visible.

    Witness Description: "One time three of us saw a triangular head pop out from the corn stalks"...

    Matches Other Eye-Witness Reports From Wisconsin
    So this is not the first time such an animal has been described. The creature in this photograph matches descriptions by eye-witnesses who claim to have seen it in southeastern Wisconsin, the creature in the sightings are sometimes referred to as The Beast of Bray Road.

    The reports by various eye-witnesses are surprisingly very similar to each other, match this photo, and describe it as follows:
  • a doglike or german shepard like appearance
  • silver, white head with gray, brown or blochy hair
  • a snout
  • a triangular shaped head.
  • The previous sightings also reported that it stood on two legs.
  • Interestingly they also describe it as having a glaring stare, which the creature in this photo appears to have.

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